November 20th 2001


Interviewed by Kathryn Smith of Strength Beyond Strength


KS = Kathryn Smith, RA = Roddy Anderson

KS: How did you guys meet and get Zillah started?

RA: Zillah started about August 2000, Myself and Andy had previously played together in a band called Scarred and Janet was a friend who was into the same style of music as ourselves, we decided to start the band regardless of the current popular trends and set about finding a drummer (Emma who is no longer part of the band). We spent about eight months rehearsing and writing material before we played out the first gig in May of this year.  Kev joined about October after filling in for the gigs we had booked about the time of Emmas departure.

KS: How would you describe your sound, would you compare to any other bands?

RA: Our sound is a strange mix of all our influences (Slayer, Voivod, His Hero Is Gone, Neurosis, Botch, Keelhaul, etc). The Zillah sound is a mix of discordant riffs and screwed up drum beats with a very intense layered vocal style - hopefully very challenging to the listener.

KS: Do you have a cd or demo out right now, where can people go to check out your music?

RA: We have a cd out entitled Halo Diablo which was recorded in April of this year. The cd can be bought from the address supplied on the web site (copies cost 4), tracks can be downloaded from or from the site itself.

KS: How did all of you get into metal, what are some of your influences?

RA: I got into metal about the age of 15; mostly bands like Slayer, Voivod, Metallica, etc and progressed into stranger stuff such as Botch and Keelhaul over the last few years. Andy's taste is pretty similar to mine but he also likes a lot of classic rock (Rainbow, Dio, etc). Janet listens to a lot of crust punk and grind bands (His Hero Is Gone, Propagandhi, ABC Diablo). Kev likes a lot of Iron Maiden's earlier material, Voivod and Slayer, etc and a lot of hardcore.

KS: Are you doing a lot of shows right now?

RA: We haven't played that many shows recently due to losing Emma our drummer after the recording of the cd (about seven). It is quite difficult to play up here (Edinburgh especially) as there aren't many live venues apart from Glasgow which seems to have a much healthier scene - but we are always up for playing.

KS: You've been around for a little over a year now, is it still hard to get your music heard out there on the metal scene and get the shows that you want?

RA: We've had a good response to the CD from a lot of webzines and people at gigs, there's been quite a a few plays from the site so the name is getting about even though we haven't played that many shows.

KS: What are your plans for the future?
RA: Future plans include some more recording - hopefully after new year, and playing as many gigs as humanly possible (hopefully down south).
KS: Last words for your fans?
RA: Once you've finished reading this go directly to and download our stuff - spread the word.

Interviewed by Kathryn Smith of Strength Beyond Strength


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