RELEASE DATE: Oct 28, 2000 (US), Oct 30, 2000 (EUR)

LABEL: Snapper Music

TRACK LISTING: 1. Helldorado  2. Inside The Electric Circus  3. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)  4. Wild Child  5. L.O.V.E. Machine  6. Animal (F**k Like A Beast)  7. Sleeping (In The Fire  8. Damnation Angels  9. Dirty Balls  10. The Real Me  11. I Wanna Be Somebody  12. Blind In Texas  - LISTEN TO SOME CLIPS FROM 'THE STING' IN OUR MUSIC ROOM.

INFO: Limited Edition Netcast Recording - Live At Key Club, Los Angeles, 22nd April 2000.

REVIEW: by Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength

We have been looking forward to this CD for some time now and if you are a W.A.S.P. fan then you definitely want this adding to your collection. 

We remember staying up till 4.45am on April 22nd this year to see this live show broadcasted live on the net.  www.onlineconcerts.com underestimated the demand for this event.  It appears that 10,000 people were able to watch it and somewhat another 100,000 were unable to watch it.  Seems like we were pretty lucky to watch it all the way through without any problems.

Anyways, the tracks listing on the CD is pretty similar to the previous W.A.S.P. release - 'The Best Of The Best' that was released earlier this year.  The artwork is a good one (see cover above).

Pretty nice collection of songs, from the early days we have 'I Wanna Be Somebody', 'L.O.V.E. Machine', 'Sleeping (In The Fire)', Animal.............  through to the later stuff from the 1999 release 'Helldorado' including 'Dirty Balls', 'Helldorado' etc.  The only thing that puts it down is that you can hardly hear the crowd singing, but this must be due to the equipment setup so it would be OK for the webcast.  Overall quality is the quality of an average live CD.  The important bit here is that it's W.A.S.P., and they have been our favorite band for years and years and anything they do, from our point of view is amazing and a true piece of work.

If you are a W.A.S.P. fan then you don't want to miss this....... so nip down your local music store and get yourself a copy, you'll love it. 

There is the usual ending with the amazing 'Blind In Texas' and a little bit of input from the guitarist Chris Holmes half way though the song.  

This is the band that brought us the classic albums like 'W.A.S.P.', 'THE HEADLESS CHILDREN', 'THE CRIMSON IDOL', 'KILL FUCK DIE', 'HELLDORADO' and many more and will always be the greatest band in the history of metal.  ALL HAIL W.A.S.P.

Check out clips from 'The Sting' in our Music Room

Reviewed by Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength.