Date: 6 Nov 2000

Interview By: Kathryn Smith of S-B-S

KS = Kathryn Smith, DD = David DeFeis

With special thanks to Sinje at Noise Records for arranging the interviews.

KS: Hey David, how's it going?
DD: Pretty good, been busy though.
KS: Can you describe your latest creation " House of Atreus: Act II"?
DD: It consists of ancient Greek legends that also ties in with life today. it was originally going to be one album just one big block of work. But then I realized that I had 75 songs so I decided to focus on one half on the album and get that out and put out the other half later.
KS: How did you guys meet and form the band?
DD: I met Joey and Jack back in '81 when I answered an ad in the newspaper. I auditioned for them back at my house and then we had a jam session a few days later. We let the original bass player go and brought in a friend of mine to play bass. We put out our first official album on Halloween of '82.
KS: What's the meaning behind the name Virgin Steele?
DD: It's meant  to be a fresh new approach to metal. Pure metal but also exploring the boundaries of music.
KS: What kind of musical background do you have?
DD: I trained in classical piano and I trained myself as far as vocals go.
KS: Your whole family seems to be pretty talented.
DD: My dad's great, he owns a little theatre in New York and is a Shakesperian actor. My sister, Donna, is an opera singer and has traveled all over Europe.
KS: What are some of your influences?
DD: Queen, Led Zeppelin, rainbow. I like some of the new bands out there like Type O negative and stuff like that.
KS: Will you be doing any touring soon?
DD: Yeah, we'll be heading out sometime in January soon.
KS: Any words for your fans?
DD: Yeah, thanks for the support. Sorry we haven't been playing in the states much but hopefully that will change with this upcoming tour!
KS: Alrigh David, thanks for taking the time to do the interview. take it easy!
DD: Nice talking to you and take care!

Interviewed by Kathryn Smith of S-B-S

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