MUSCARIA are a 3 piece Latin Hardcore Metal band from Quito, Ecuador which is in South America.  They are the biggest band in Quito right now.  Due to the full sell out of their CD, they had to remaster it and re-sell it.  Check out the following to find out about this great band.  Have a listen to their music files, just click on the links below, we had a listen and they sound fuckin' amazing.  We are expecting their CD and when we get it, there will be a review in our reviews section.  The band is currently working on their second CD which will be followed by a very extensive tour.  Their CD can be bought and mailed out, for more information please e-mail Chris Diaz.


New Muscaria CD is entitled 'MOVIMIENTO', ranging from fusion of hardcore, rapcore and speedcore.  The CD will be in the stores soon.

The new lyrics are based around Latin situation, the power back to the people, no more corruption....

They have a new contact e-mail address:


Luigi - Vocals, Bass

Jason - Guitar

Nico - Drums

1996 - Self Debut 'MUSCARIA' - tape only

1998 - Debut CD 'Combatiendo Apatia' ('Combating Apathy')

2000 - Re-Mastered Version Of 'Combatiendo Apatia'


MUSIC FILES (Real Audio Player Required)

Vamos mi Raza (con Dj Tzantza)

Activismo America

Fuerza Policial Gorilas

P.S.B.S (vivo)


MUSCARIA PICTURES (Click To View Normal Size)




We are an alert of a culture that is alive, but divided by confusion "Activismo America".  


MUSCARIA is the word of hope and motivation for a better Latin America from the mouths of Hispanic youth. In a culture that is fighting to rediscover itself MUSCARIA'S debut album, COMBATIENDO APATIA, takes a stance against political corruption, delinquency, and starvation. This has become an everyday fight in the lives of Luis F. Cordovez (vocals/bass), Jason De La Vega (guitar), and Nico Cavallero (drums). Since 1994, MUSCARIA has come together through music to voice their disillusion with Ecuador's social and political standings. With song writing in form of revolutionary poems and a sound that mixes hard core, reggae, and hip-hop, COMBATIENDO APATIA is a refreshingly straight forward and to the point album.

Touring non-stop, MUSCARIA has created a very powerful and tight performance. From playing an extra song for their fans despite local authorities permission, playing numerous benefit shows to help victims of hurricane and floods, and educating people on maintaining their natural resources, MUSCARIA has built a large and loyal fan base. MUSCARIA has also proven to be an intense and dedicated live band through performances with A.N.I.M.A.L. (Argentinean band) and MASACRE (Colombian band), and at a featured concert at PULULAGUA (international music event).

With regular airplay in three of the major radio stations of Ecuador and many positive reviews, the press and media have proven to support MUSCARIA throughout their career. "The answer was immediate, (MUSCARIA) was mentioned to be one of the groups of the year," according to El Comercio (national newspaper). La Onda Metalica (national music magazine) describes them as "a
band of international projection; thanks to their musical qualities, live energy, and above all, the sincerity of their lyrics." MUSCARIA was also one of the few Ecuadorian bands interviewed on MTV Latino for their live performance at the PULULAGUA concert.

Currently, MVSCARLA is working on their new album due out this fall. The members of MUSCARIA have also taken on various independent projects. Luis has a two-hour underground radio show that showcases new talent. Jason also plays with is side project called LA CLICKA, which is a funk band. Nico is working with his hip-hop group and also records demos for low budget bands to help them get their music out. Undeniably, MUSCARIA stands alone keeping
their music and street credibility strong. MUSCARIA is the voice of change in a scared conformist society known as Latin America.


For more information on MUSCARIA e-mail and check out the official  MUSCARIA website at: