Unchecked Aggression Are:

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Cody Jinks - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals

Unchecked Aggression are going into studio early November 2001 to do a full recording of their debut album.  The band are still looking to get signed up and they need a manager.  If you can help click here to e-mail them.

Ben Heffley - Lead Guitar

Anthony Walker - Drums

Chris Lewis - Bass


Unchecked Aggression Biography:


Unchecked Aggression started in 1998 under the name Silas. The members consisted of: Cody Jinks on guitar/vocals, Ben Heffley on guitars, Mike Wilson on bass, and Jacob Rankin on drums. The style was a toned down thrash. They played at Abracadabra in Fort Worth several times, winning a battle of the bands. The band lost Jacob to college and they were to search out a new drummer. There was a relatively short search before the band found Anthony Walker. They tried him out with old thrash tunes, like COC's "Vote With A Bullet," and an assload of Metallica. Anthony was slapped in the face with a demo and had to learn the band's material. Mike soon left to purse educational activities (so he could actually graduate college, unlike Ben) and the band was left without a bass player for the first time. Three months and a lot of beer later, the remaining band found out that a friend, Gary Burkham, was interested in switching from guitar to bass and joining the band. Prior to this, Ben was quoting a scene from the movie The Big Lebowski. And thus started Unchecked Aggression's reign of terror (they changed their name).


About two months later, the band had its first gig under the new name. It was at The Observatory in Arlington, April 19, 2000. Then the band made their first of two road trips to Lawton, OK, at the Railhead. Soon after, the band went into a music store and recorded the "Unleashed" demo in two days. The band commenced gigging as much as possible, but regretably had to part ways with bassist Gary. They enjoyed writing music and playing shows with him, and appreciate all the hard work he put into the band. The band was once again in search of a bass player. There was a friend, Matt Youngblood, a guitar player, who had shown up to most of the band's shows, and knew most of their material. Matt filled in (and saved Unchecked Aggression's collective ass numerous times) for several shows while the group put ads out and searched for a permanent replacement. Three weeks later, a miracle act of Satan occurred. There was a gig at the Tattoo Bar, and madman Chris Lewis had shown up. Following up on his previous band's horrible failure, he was searching for a band that needed a bassist. Ironically, he met with the band after their performance and auditioned. The band jammed Master of Puppets and Creeping Death with him, and he was immediately thrown into Unchecked Aggression and the band's new side-project, Alcohollica (a Metallica tribute band) featuring Phil Holland of Prophecy. The band has now been reinvented and is ready to take over the world.


Unchecked Aggression - Unleashed DEMO REVIEW


Being as old as I am (29) and still loving the old Metallica albums from way before the 'BLACK' album, Unchecked Agression took me back to a time when rock was rock and anything else was just not listened to, happy times which are missed sometimes.

This collection of songs sent to us by Unchecked Agression is very nostalgic and a nice refreshing change to the nu-metal around today. With no hint of modern rappy type metal, this is just pure thrash which I personally haven't encountered for quite a while.

Saying that though, there's not really much call for this sort of music these days so it will probably only appeal to fans of old metal. Nevertheless, if you've never really took the time to listen to rock from way back when, give Unchecked Agression a go, you might find you like it, I definitely think it's worth a listen.