Interview With Sami Tenetz of Thy Serpent & Spikefarm Records

By Fedja of S - B - S

Date: 30th August, 2000

S-B-S: Fedja of S-B-S

ST: Sami Tenetz

S-B-S: First of all, how's everyone?

ST: Everything is okay, thanks for asking.

S-B-S: How's everything with Spikefarm records?

ST: With Spikefarm things are rolling as well.

S-B-S: Many people didn't understand the oath of Thy Serpent not playing live, although there were some live gigs. Will there be any future gigs and what countries?

ST: Hard to say yet.  We've made just eight shows, all in Finland, it was a small tour in easter' 99.  My time for Thy Serpent is so limited, so there is a lot of problems to do any tours, because with touring we also need rehearsing, which we're not doing usually, maybe one time in a month.

S-B-S: We saw some previews of the live show on the official Thy Serpent website and it sounded excellent.  When you played these live gigs, was it difficult getting additional band members and making it all fit together?  Was it what you expected?

ST: As I told in was in easter' 99.  It was not so hard to find players for that, cause I know plenty of other musicians from my area... so we borrowed 2nd guitarist from RAPTURE, who is nowadays permanent member of Thy Serpent.  Live shows is not my cup of tea... but sometimes those are really important for bands.

S-B-S: What were the gigs like? What venues did you play?

ST: We played eight shows.  Smallest show was with 40 people and the biggest was front of 1000 people.

S-B-S: What was the response like from the fans?

ST: Mostly positive. We got some negative response because we didn't have any kind of show...

S-B-S: Now about your latest release mcd 'Death', could you tell us what to expect.  In our earlier communication your said if you liked 'Christcrusher', then you are going to like this one better.

ST: Yeah, it's more heavier and melodic.  In all aspects we've developed a lot... as players and writers.  This new stuff is like more Death&Dark.

S-B-S: Have there been any Thy Serpent videos made?  Any plans of any videos?

ST: No, there is not any, and I guess there will not be any even coming, not at least yet.

S-B-S: Why do you think you've had so much trouble finding permanent members for Thy Serpent?

ST: Because I want that members of Thy Serpent have to be in the band 100%.  And most of the guys here are playing too many projects, that the biggest problem.

S-B-S: Do you know that it is extremely difficult to obtain Thy Serpent CD's in England and over the internet?

ST: In England?  Well, our distributor is England is PHD, so everyone can ask from there.

S-B-S: Everyone sees different qualities in your music...  How would you describe it?

ST: Of course time changes the things.  There must be some changes, without that you loose interest in your work.

S-B-S: From our point of view, your songs are melodic & beautiful, as well as fuckin' heavy and fast...  What are your influences for writing your material in that way?

ST: I don't know?  That's the way they turn out.  It's just our style to create music.  I do what I personally like most.

S-B-S: In England there is an extremely strong feeling that there are a very few events / new bands / releases to keep people into dark / black metal entertained.... Why do you feel this is and what can be done about it?

ST: Yes, it might be.  The whole "trend" is dying slowly, as well as death metal died almost 10 years ago.  Only a few and strongest bands will survive.

S-B-S: Is it hard being in Thy Serpent and running Spikefarm?

ST: Yes it is.  I've three things going on in my life.  Most important thing is my family, as I'm a father of three kids.  Then comes my work "Spikefarm", that's the thing where I get money for living.  And last comes Thy Serpent, which is at the moment my "hobby", because I can't earn my living with that.  So, if my time is not enough for every of those in someday, Thy Serpent is the thing which I stop.

S-B-S: Is there any good bands that we should look out for from Spikefarm?

ST: Of course, every bands is in a way or another good one.  There are bands like: SILENTIUM, ENTWINE, FINNTROLL, RAPTURE, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, THRONE OF CHAOS, THE DEAD BEGINNERS, RAM-ZET, KALMAH, THYRANE and SHADOW.

S-B-S: Can you briefly tell us what to expect from Thy Serpent in the near future and any other useful information?

ST: Not anything new in near future, but new album in... hopefully 2001.  We're using a very low profile now.

S-B-S: Lastly, a big thanks from both of us for taking your time for this interview for Strength - Beyond - Strength.  It is greatly appreciated.

ST: Hey, the pleasure was mine, support is always needed, thank you very much!

Sami Tenetz, Thy Serpent, Spike Farm Records.

Interviewed By Fedja of S - B - S

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