Date: 27 Oct 2000

Interview By: Fedja of S-B-S

With special thanks to Rachel - Pissing Razors for arranging the interview.

S-B-S = Fedja and Jane.  EG = Eddy Garcia.

S-B-S: How's everything going?  Been partying lately?
EG: Everything has been pretty crappy lately but I will get better soon, partying!  Always.
S-B-S: For the unfamiliar souls out there, how would you describe the Pissing Razors music?
EG: Heavy ass power groove.
S-B-S: How did Pissing Razors come round as the bands name?
EG: A friend of ours caught the clap and he said he felt like he was pissing Razors.
S-B-S: Is there any important message that goes out through Pissing Razors music?
EG: There is a message if you can relate to the lyrics, even though we talk about negative shit sometimes it's not meant to be a negative message.
S-B-S: Is it true that there was trouble with some of your live shows?  We heard that the police were called out and everything.
EG: It was just one show that they tried to bann us from playing in that town because of the name of the band.... we ended up playing anyway.
S-B-S: What has been the response like down there since the release of 'Fields Of Disbelief' ?
EG: The response has been nothing but positive in all respects.
S-B-S: How long did it take to write 'Fields Of Disbelief' and produce it?
EG: All in all to the finished product about 5 months.
S-B-S: Any plans of ever releasing any singles?
EG: To release a single that's completely up to Noise which I know they are going to do anything.
S-B-S: We have to congratulate you on 'Fields Of Disbelief'...... clearly one of the heaviest and finest releases of the year 2000.  Tracks that really caught out attention include 'Between Heaven and Hell', 'You'll Never Know' and 'Fields Of Disbelief'......  What are your favorite tracks of the album? 
EG:  The ones you mentioned plus 'Fork Tongue'.
S-B-S: We know there was a change in the Pissing Razors line up.....  Can you give us any more info?
EG: Matt left the band when we were in Europe due to financial problems at home, luck Cesar was ready to fill the shoes in.
S-B-S: We just got you new US tourdates from Rachel the other day.....  You looking forward to touring again?
EG: Touring yes I love playing everyday.

Pissing Razors

S-B-S: When will you be heading of to Europe?  There is a lot of demand for Pissing Razors over here in the UK.
EG: I don't know as of yet when we will be going to Europe.
S-B-S: Listening to all three Pissing Razors albums we notice that not much has changed and that you are keeping your roots.  Any idea what future material will be like?
EG: On every CD there are real heavy tunes and some more melodic tunes where there is actual singing.  I want to push the envelope in both directions.
S-B-S: Over here in the UK in the past 3/4 years the metal scene has totally changed and it's not what it once used to be.  There are some good bands that play round here but that is rare these days....  What's it like down your way?
EG: I guess if they do it with integrity it's all right that's the direction they wanted to go in but you can always tell who is doing it for what reasons, if it's for the wrong reason it really sucks for the fans that put them in the position that they are in.  There are some good bands in the Elpaso area, as far as the bigger shows go, we don't get  many of those.
S-B-S: What bands have been the biggest influences throughout your life?
EG: AC/DC, Living Colour, Tool, Rush, Zep, Black Sabbath, Santana, KC and The Sunshine Band, Earth Wind and Fire, Sepultura........
S-B-S: Any idea of how many live shows you've done so far?
EG: 6, 7, 800 maybe.
S-B-S: What bands have you toured with?
EG: Pro Pain, Skinlab, 6 Feet Under.....
S-B-S: When playing live, what's the response like from the crowd?
EG: Usually fucking insane.
S-B-S: Were there ever any bad shows that weren't what you expected?
EG: The only bad shows are the ones when we don't play well or up to our potential.
S-B-S: Are there any bands that you would like to work with in the future?  A suggestions from us here at Strength Beyond Strength.....  Pissing Razors + Cannibal Corpse..... Now that would be something.
EG: Hell yeah, Cannibal would be great tour for us plus we are good friends with them.
S-B-S: Any idea of videos?  We think a live video would be amazing.
EG: No videos in the works...  There is no budget for them.
S-B-S: What are you doing at the moment?  Writing any new material?
EG: Yeah, we have started to write some new tunes.
S-B-S: You guys good pals with Pantera?  We went to see them live couple of months ago and it was quite a night.....
EG: We know them, we partied hard one night that Dime and Vinnie came out to one of our shows.
S-B-S: Well, thanks for taking your time for this interview for Strength Beyond Strength, we appreciate it....  Good luck with you upcoming US tour, we look forward to see you in the UK sometime soon.... and we look forward to many years of Pissing Razors!


Interview By: Fedja of S-B-S