Pissing Razors - Fields Of Disbelief


Release Dates:        August 22nd, 2000 (US)

                                  September 4th, 2000 (Europe)


Track Listing:           Between Heaven and Hell 
                                    Fork Tongue 
                                    You Never Know 
                                    Fields of Disbelief 
                                    Out of Control 
                                    The Other Side 
                                    Sever the Ties 
                                    Voice Of Reason (Bonus Track) 
                                    Wasteland (Bonus Track)

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Rating Out Of 10:    10

Album Review:

If you are into heavy stuff, then you can't go wrong with Pissing Razors.  They are one of not many bands who stick to what they do best, no pissing about, just pure fuckin' heavy / power metal.  Thinking back from 1998 and hearing 'Dodging Bullets' from the self-titled debut album, we knew this was a band that could do anything and go far. There is so much shit music out there today and all these bands that used to be good are getting their hair cut off and start sounding like a bunch of puffs and play music that they do not believe in.... you know what we are on about.... anyway...

'Between Heaven and Hell' starts the album and straight away, it sounds excellent, the amazing drumming and the heavy riffs put together along with great vocals, at the same time a brilliant production.  Next is 'Fork Tongue' which you might have heard on a Metal Hammer CD a few weeks back.... brilliant.

Then we have tracks like 'You'll Never Know', 'Fields Of Disbelief'...... throughout this is the album for the year 2000, it totally blew us away from beginning to end... and we hope to see much more from the talented pissing razors... Anyone out there into Pantera, old Machine Head and the likes should check this out.

You can get the album as a limited edition CD digi-pack including two bonus tracks 'Voice of Reason' and 'Wasteland'.  Your CD player will read the CD as 70 tracks... The last two are the bonus tracks.

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all released on Noise Records.

Review By: Fedja Jasarevic of SBS