Oct 30, 01 Machine Head - "We Are Coming To The UK"

After the US tragedy and many shows / tours postponed by many bands Fear Factory have made the following statement: "Nothing will be cancelled or postponed". “We are aware that some bands have declined their obligations, in the light of the world events. We respect their decisions, and understand their reasoning, however, it has not affected out decision. Please understand that their reasons are fully valid, safety of one's own well being is priority number 1."

“We feel that the areas we will be visiting will not be affected by the chaos going on around the world and it will be 'business as usual'. There are some feelings of uneasiness and wariness, but that is how we always feel, so nothing has really changed. We are amped and ready to tour with Godflesh and Devin Townsend, and are looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!“

Oct 30, 01 Slipknot Announce New Dates

Slipknot now announced re-confirmed dates for their recently postponed tour.  Please check out Tourdates Page for full listing.

Oct 30, 01 My Ruin - New Bass Player

My Ruin have named their new bass player after departure of Meghan.  His name is Kenny Lowry and is formerly of the band NUM.  Tairrie had this to say: “We think that the addition of Kenny on bass will not only add something special to My Ruin in the live setting but give us something we were missing on the personal side of things. Kenny is a really creative individual and has learned more than just our set of songs in a very short amount of time. We look forward to writing and rocking together starting Thursday November 15th at The Whiskey, which will be our first live show with our new bassist. We hope that everyone will come out and make him feel welcome and we promise to have a few other special surprises, which will make the evening very memorable.“

Oct 28, 01 Rammstein / Clawfinger

Rammstein will London's Brixton Academy on December 2nd and will be supported by Swedish rap / metal crew Clawfinger.

Oct 27, 01 Clawfinger - A Whole Lot Of Nothing...

Swedish faves Clawfinger are making a come-back with their new album 'A Whole Lot Of Nothing' after a four year break.  The album will be released on November 26th on Gun/BMG Records.

Oct 26, 01 Spineshank - New Album Ahead.......

Spineshank are currently working on the material for their new album which they plan to release around summer 2002.  They said it will be heavy and heavier than their previous releases, so lets wait and see.

Oct 26, 01 Coal Chamber - Album Title Changed..

Coal Chamber have re-named their upcoming new album from 'Dark Days' to 'Salvation'.  The release date is set for February 26th, 2001.  Eights tracks have been completed and they are currently working on another six to complete the album.

Oct 25, 01 Down Are Back

November sees the return of Down, when they will start recording their 2nd album.  The album is planned for release in March next year.  Band line up: Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, Kirk Windstein, Jimmy Bower & Pepper Keenan.

Oct 25, 01 Anselmo / Satyricon...

Black Metal Norwegian masters Satyricon are to have Pantera's Phil Anselmo guesting on their next album on EMI records.

Oct 25, 01 Deftones - Work Ahead!

The Deftones will begin work on their next studio album in November.  They are said to be going back to the heavy style... and much darker...  so we'll all just have to wait and see what comes out.  This next album is planned for release before summer 2002.

Oct 25, 01 Napalm Death - Side Project...

Shane Embury and Jesse Pintado of Napalm Death are again teaming up with Dimmu Borgir's drummer Nick Barker for a side project under the name 'LOCKUP'.  The line up also features the former At The Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg.  The album which will be released on Nuclear Blast records early next year will be entitled 'Hate Breeds Suffering'.

Oct 24, 01 Korn Collaboration With Deadsy

Jonathan Davis is guesting on a Deadsy track titled 'The Key The Gramercy Park’ which will appear on the Deadsy debut album which will be released next year...  Go to www.streetwise.com and you can listen to it now.  Also check our our very own Deadsy special section in our Band Features page.

Oct 24, 01 Danzig - New Label Anyone?

Ex-Misfits Glen Danzig has completed work on his new solo album and is on the look out for a new label to release it - its titled 'Danzig 7: Kiss The Skull'..

Oct 23, 01 Lost Prophets - New Single...

Lost Prophets will release 'Shinoby vs Dragon Ninja' as their debut single..

Oct 23, 01 Machine Head - "We Are Coming To The UK"

After the US tragedy and many shows / tours postponed by many bands Machine Head have made the following statement: "The events of September 11th have affected everyone directly or indirectly,“ said band leader Robb Flynn. “We would like to re-affirm to you, the fans, that Machine Head WILL be playing on all dates advertised. There's no place we'd rather be, than with our fans at a time like this. Music carries all of us thru good and bad times. We won't let the cowardly acts of terrorists change our way of life, or stop us from doing what we do best...“

Oct 22, 01 Mortician - UK Live Debut

The darker side of metal, Mortician will make their live UK debut at London's Camden Underworld on January 8th, 2002.

Oct 22, 01 Will Haven Plans...

Will Haven's Grady Avenal Jeff Irwin and planning to work on and record some material with their previous band SOCK.  Is this the time for a re-union?

Oct 22, 01 Linkin Park - Guitarist Ends Up In Hospital....

LP guitarist Brad, broke his foot at one of the Family Values dates in San Diego.  He got pissed off with constant technical problems throughout the Linkin Park set.  At one point he went off the stage and kicked a door and broke his door....  Auuuuch.  He was then taken to hospital and his foot was placed in a plaster cast.  He is now recovering....

Oct 22, 01 Linkin Park - Guitarist Ends Up In Hospital....

LP guitarist Brad, broke his foot at one of the Family Values dates in San Diego.  He got pissed off with constant technical problems throughout the Linkin Park set.  At one point he went off the stage and kicked a door and broke his door....  Auuuuch.  He was then taken to hospital and his foot was placed in a plaster cast.  He is now recovering....

Oct 22, 01 The Rejects

The Rejects, a rock / metal / punk crew, featuring Tripp of Static-X and Joey of Slipknot, had added some track to MP3.com which have now been taken off for unknown reasons.  Check out www.therejects.net for more info on the band and downloadable tracks.

Oct 22, 01 Anathema Announce UK Dates...

Anathema have announced a series of UK dates for this December starting at Manchester's Hop 'n' Grape on December 11th.  Full listing in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 21, 01 BTOD - Label / Mailorder - Presents 2 New Releases
From the past... the saga of EVOL's triumvirate continues...
 "Dies Irae" contains both previous demos, titled "The Tale of the Horned King"  and   "The Dark Dreamquest - part I", plus unreleased live material. These titles were very first releases for EVOL, before the    deal with Adipocere rcs.    The 12 pages booklet contains bio and photo book of PRINCE OF AGONY, LORD OF   SORROW and PRINCESS OF DISEASE.    And the cover design reflects past and present of the band...  Available at BTOD label/mailorder for Lire 27000/DM 27/US $ 14/€ 14.  Labels, distros get in touch!! Ask for very cheap wholesale prices!!! Send your orders now!!!



Debut MCD for this band from Genova area.  4 tracks + intro + utro, of raw, frozen Black Metal.  A concept based on the four elements:  Fire, Water, Air, Earth (Mother).    A tribute to Winter, to the Woods...  Black Metal without compromises!!!    So Fans of True Black, don't waste your time, and ask for this release.
Available at BTOD label/mailorder for Lire 18000/DM 18/US $ 9/€ 9.   Massive promo campaign with 5000 flyers, ads on mags, and promos sent to most   important mags, 'zines around the world. ASK FOR COMPLETE PROMO PACKAGE.



Oct 21, 01 Sugarcoma - New E.P.........

Sugarcoma will release their new E.P. titled 'What Goes Around' on 26th November.  Track listing: What Goes Around, Lost Morning, Last Orders, Into The Blue.

Oct 21, 01 Linkin Park - Sales Keep Going Up...

Linkin Park UK sales have hit over 500,000 copies of their debut 'Hybrid Thoery'....

Oct 21, 01 Mortis - US Party...

Alex Zander of MK Ultra will be hosting a CD release party for Mortiis' new album 'The Smell Of Rain'.  This will take place at Chicago's Metro on October 30th - 10pm till 4am.

Oct 19, 01 Slipknot Postpone UK Tour....

SLIPKNOT HAD THIS TO SAY: "Because of the international tensions, current conflict, and growing safety problems involving our country, we are postponing, not cancelling, postponing our scheduled tours of England, Japan, and Australia," say the band in an official statement. "These dates will be made up in 2002 and all original tickets bought will be honored (so hang on to them), but right now, we feel we should stay close to home and within our families reaches in case of any major emergencies. We sincerely apologize for this and WE ARE COMING, but right now is the time to watch out for our loved ones. We encourage you all to do the same. We love you guys, and we'll see you soon."

Oct 19, 01 'Calling All Maniacs' - Zombie Giveaway.......

Rob Zombie will give away a 16-track CD titled 'Calling All Maniacs' with his upcoming new album 'The Sinister Urge'.  The CD is to feature bands like Lost Prophets, Static-X and the likes.  Now that is something to look forward to.

Oct 19, 01 Raging Speedhorn Pull Out...

Speedhorn have pulled out of the upcoming UK tour with Fear Factory.  This is due to vocalist Frank Regan wanting to be present for the birth of his first child.... understandable.

Oct 17, 01 Kid Rock - Cocky Info..

New Kid Rock album titled 'Cocky' is set for release in the US for late November, but UK and Europe will have to hang on till January 2002 time.  Album track listing as follows: Forever, Trucker Anthem, Lay It On Me, Cocky, What I Learned Out On The Road, I'm Wrong, But You Ain't Right, Baby Come Home, You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me, Picture (feat. Sheryl Crow), I'm a Dog, Midnight Train to Memphis, Lonely Road of Faith, WCSR (feat. Snoop Dogg), Drunk In the Morning.

Oct 16, 01 Damned On Tour

Punk crew The Damned have confirmed a full UK tour for November and December starting off at the Zodiac in Oxford.  Full listing in out Tourdates Section.

Oct 16, 01 Factory Single...

Fear Factory will release 'Linchpin' as their first single of their latest creation 'Digimortal'.  The single will feature 'Frequency' and 'Machine Debaser' which are both brand new tracks as well as the 'Linchpin' CDROM video.  Catch Fear Factory live end of October and beginning of November on their UK tour, full date listing in our Tourdates.

Oct 16, 01 Cradle Of Filth Live DVD Update - thanks to Joe Saunders from Snapper Music for the update.

Please note that the release date for the UK has gone back to NOVEMBER 5th. This is due to last minute technical faffery too mundane and depressing to go into here.  European release will be October 29th. This is also the provisional US release date. (Subject to change, apologies.) 


Oct 13, 01 Rabies Caste...

Russian hardcore crew Rabies Caste have added another date to their tour - October 18th London at the Underworld.  Gig line up: headlining God Dethroned, Misteltein, Night In Gales and Rabies Caste (storming on stage around 7:30pm).  Tonight they play Scunthorpe Baths Hall with Earthtone 9 and Thorn 11.  Check the Tourdates Page for full date listings.

Oct 13, 01 Jason Newsted To Produce....

Jason Newsted, former Metallica bassist, is to produce Dragpipe's debut, one of the newest signings to Geffen Records.  Newsted has also spent some time working on the Texans Speedealer's second album titled 'Second Sight'.  Keep up the good work Jason.

Oct 13, 01 Borland Quits Limp Bizkit...

Bizkit's guitarist Wes Borland is no longer with the band.  He quit the band to pursue other projects.  Stay tuned for more.

Oct 13, 01 Tainted Manson...

Marilyn Manson has covered 'Tainted Love' originally by Soft Cell.  It will be featured on the 'Not Another Teen Movie' soundtrack and will also be released as a single in November.

Oct 12, 01 YNGWIE Defends USA! - from Spitfire Records.

Half way through their set in Porte Allegre, Brazil Yngwie Malmsteen played a guitar solo of “The Star Spangled Banner.“ The crowd, of approx. 1500 Brazilians, spontaneously began booing and throwing debris on stage. The band finished the set with about five more songs and left the stage. Disgusted with the crowd's behavior Derek Sherinian, Yngwie's keyboard player, refused to be part of an encore. With that, Yngwie embraced his guitar, stormed on stage alone and began playing, you got it... “The Star Spangled Banner“ once again! The crowd, stirred to a frenzy, roared anti-American remarks and began hurling debris on stage once more. Yngwie embracing the mic yelled, “God bless America... and F#@% YOU ALL!“ then decisively exited.

Oct 11, 01 Tattoo The Planet Round Up - Our View For The NIA Show....

Firstly TTP gets postponed a month ahead due to the American tragedy (totally understandable).

  Pantera pull-out without a clear reason but with many apologies.
  The new date (October 14th) get moved to October 13th and was to take place at the NEC instead.
  The venue change is back to NIA a few days after.
  Static-X pull-out due to timing and budget problems.
  Sepultura, Biohazard and Raging Speedhorn are to stand in instead of Pantera and Static-X.
  Sepultura pull-out.
  What comes next?  We don't know - but something bad is bound to happen.

The problems with promoters and band line up must have put off quite a lot of people, like ourselves and we have now decided not to go and try and sell our tickets.

Oct 11, 01 Blink 182 Postpone Tour....

Blink 182 have postponed their tour till January 2002.  List of new dates in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 11, 01 OMS And Will Haven Tour..

One Minute Silence are to tour with Will Haven in November / December.  Dates are to be announced shortly.

Oct 11, 01 SOAD Add Extra Date....

System Of A Down have added an extra date to their UK tour.  They will now also play London's Brixton Academy on November 21st.  Some of the shows have already sold out - see our Tourdates Page for full date listings and info on dates.

Oct 10, 01 Ultraviolence Announce UK Dates.....

Ultraviolence have announced 4 UK show for October and November.  They kick off on the 13th October at The Garage in London.  Full dates in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 10, 01 Sepultura Pull Out From Tattoo The Planet

A yet another fuck up!  Tattoo The Planet  has once again messed up.  This time round Sepultura have pulled out....  Firstly PANTERA, then Statix-X and then Sepultura.  That's all you need to know....  We are well pissed off with the whole event and would love to get our money refunded for the tickets.  We're not sure if we are up to going to TTP so we are thinking on selling our tickets..  So if you live locally and are interested in the tickets please let us know.  Also, Skindred have been added to the Glasgow date.  You will find the full date listings + new line ups in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 10, 01 Psychonaut Records - The Gathering Start Their Own Label....

The Gathering have started their own record label under the name 'Psychonaut Records'.  The band are currently writing new material for their new album which they hope to release around Summer 2002.

Oct 09, 01 Incubus Speak Out

Mike Einziger, Incubus guitarist spoke out and told Kerrang! that 'Korn have ruined the world of rock music'.  Check out the full story in this weeks Kerrang! issue.

Oct 09, 01 Cypress Hill New Album

Rap / rock crew Cypress Hill are to release a new album titled 'Stoned Again' this December.  Track listing: Intro, Trouble, Kronologik, Southland Killers, Bitter, Amplified, It Ain't Easy, Memories, Psychodelic Vision, Red Meth & Bee, Lowrider, Catastrophe, L.I.F.E., Here Is Something You Can't Understand.

Oct 09, 01 New Kid Rock Album

Kid Rock is set to release his new album 'Cocky' on November 19th.  The first single will be 'Forever' and will be released around the same time.

Oct 09, 01 Hundred Reasons Dates Announced.....

Hundred Reasons will storm the UK next month with their full UK tour setting off on November 17th in Tunbridge Wells.  Full date listing in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 09, 01 New Kid Rock Album

Kid Rock is set to release his new album 'Cocky' on November 19th.  The first single will be 'Forever' and will be released around the same time.

Oct 08, 01 Godhead Drummer Quits

Godhead drummer, James O'Connor has parted with Godhead.  The band are on the look out  for a new drummer.

Oct 07, 01 Guilby Clarke to Spitfire Records...

Spitfire Records are proud to welcome Guilby Clarke into the family - a former Guns 'n' Roses guitarist.  His latest creation is his solo album 'Swag' full of pure hard rock and talent.  'Swag' and Clarke's previous 3 albums 'The Hangover', 'Rubber' and '99 Live' will be released on October 9th, 2001.

Oct 07, 01 Pist.On - Saves EP - Download Free......



Go to: http://www.mp3.com/pistarmy/ and download all of these for free: Vamp 69, Opera, I Don't, Rest, Exhume Her, Grey Flap, Mix Me With Blood, C, Low, Turbulent (Urine The Money Version), Mix Me With Blood (Urine The Money Version), I Am No One (Urine The Money Version), 8 Sides (Urine The Money Version).

We came across this and though it was really cool...  From the songs that we all know down to the early demos.  Check it out now.

Oct 06, 01 Josiah UK Dates Announced....
  Josiah have announced a full UK tour starting in Perth on October 30th...  Full listing in our Tourdates Page.
Oct 06, 01 20 Years Of Virgin Steele!!!!!!!

To celebrate Virgin Steele's 20th anniversary 'The Book Of Burning' and 'Hymns To Victory' will be released early January.  The 'Book Of Burning' and 'Hymns To Victory' will contain the best of Virgin Steele in the 20 years.  There will be eight previously unreleased tracks.

Oct 06, 01 Mortiis Video On MTV 2...

Don't miss Mortiis' video of 'Parasite God' which is taken from his forthcoming album 'The Smell Of Rain'.  The video will be shown on The Riot Show on MTV2 on these dates and times: Saturday 6th October - 9pm, Tuesday 9th October - 10pm, Thursday 11th October - 12am.  Mortiis' new album 'The Smell Of Rain' is out on October 22nd (Europe) and October 30th (USA) on Earache Records..

Oct 06, 01 SOAD - Sell Out Fury... New London Date?
  SOAD show at London Brixton Academy has already sold out and promoters are looking into possibly adding another London date due to the popularity.  Their new album 'Toxicity' is crashing the charts and their new single 'Chop Suey' is out on October 15th.  If you wanna catch SOAD this November check the Tourdates Page and get your tickets quick.
Oct 05, 01 Metallica - DVD and VHS..

Metallica's installment of the "Classic Albums" series will be released in the US, on VHS & DVD. It is set for release on November 6th, 2001. Metallica say "Prepare to take a trip back in time on November 6th!".

Oct 05, 01 Napalm Death - The DVD

Legendary death metallers Napalm Death will release their first ever DVD on October 15th - titled 'Napalm Death - The DVD'. The DVD will feature loads of unseen footage, rare footage and much more.

Oct 05, 01 Pumpkins Best-Of Album..
  Smashing Pumpkins will finally release their Best-Of / Greatest Hits album on November 19th. Track listing:

'Cherub Rock'
'Bullet With Butterfly Wings'
'Tonight, Tonight'
'Ava Adore'
'The Everlasting Gaze'
'Stand Inside Your Love'
'Try, Try, Try'
'Real Love'
Oct 05, 01 White Stripes Gigs....

White Stripes have announced a series of UK dates starting in Brighton on November 11th. Full listing is in our Tourdates Page. They will also release 'Hotel Yoba' as a single on November 12th.

Oct 04, 01 Corrosion of Conformity to Hold a Special Screening of the New Live Volume DVD to Benefit the Afghan Women's Mission.
  COC PRESS RELEASE: Corrosion of Conformity to Hold a Special Screening of the New Live Volume DVD to Benefit the Afghan Women's Mission..  [CLICK HERE FOR FULL PRESS RELEASE]
Oct 04, 01 Earache DVD Sampler For Under £5....

Earache will releases and compilation DVD 'I-Crusher' which will be on sale for less than £5.  Release date is set for October 15th, and it will feature both videos and audio tracks.  TRACK LISTING: Mortiis 'Parasite God' (Previously Unreleased), The Haunted 'Bury Your Dead' (Previously Unreleased), Linea 77 'Ketchup Suicide' (Previously Unreleased), Morbid Angel 'God Of Emptiness', The Berzerker 'Forever' (Previously Unreleased), Cadaver Inc. 'Rupture' (Previously Unreleased), Gandalf 'Morning Sun', Godflesh 'Christbait Rising', Cathedral 'Black Sunday', Napalm Death 'Scum' (Live 1989), Carcass 'Tools Of The Trade' (Live 1992), Entombed 'Stanger Aeons' (Live 1992).......  AND THE FOLLOWING BONUS AUDIO: Rabies Caste 'Got it From Blake', December 'Umbilical' (Previously Unreleased), December Wolves 'Public Aquarian Freebase' (Previously Unreleased), Insision 'Trapped Within' (Previously Unreleased), Ephel Duath 'Embossed' (Previously Unreleased), Ultraviolence 'Elektra', Autonomy - But I Thought (Previously Unreleased).

Oct 04, 01 Linea 77 Switzerland Show With OPM...

Italian hardcore masters have announced that they will be playing with punk / skate crew OPM in October in Switzerland..  Dates are in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 03, 01 Autonomy Debut Release..

Nu-metal outfit Autonomy, one of the newer signings to Earache Records will release their debut album on November 12th, 2001.  Track listing is as follows: Shovel Affection, But I Thought, Was It Worth It, S/K/N/S, Thrown Like Dice, Donkey Punch, Help You, A Feeling Undescribable, Destination, This Is Real, When Things Go Wrong and Replaced.

Oct 03, 01 NIN DVD Release

NIN will release their long awaited 'And All That Could Have Been'  CD and DVD on December 4th 2001 in the US and UK should see the release of this in early 2002.  Live tracks: Terrible Lie, Sin, March Of The Pigs, Piggy, The Frail, The Wretched, Gave Up, The Great Below, The Mark Has Been Done, Wish, Suck, Closer, Head Like A Hole, The Day The World Went Away, Starfuckers Inc and Hurt.  DVD version will have the above and these: La Mer, Complication and Just Like You Imagined.

Oct 03, 01 Join The Professional Murder Music E-Team....

As a member of the "The Official PMM E-Team" you will be promoting PMM's self-titled debut album. The most active team members will receive exclusive promotional merchandise like autographed posters, guitars, concert tickets, albums, and more. Click Here to join now and spread PMM like a disease...

Oct 03, 01 Morbid Angel Confirm Headline US Tour.

Legendary death metalers Morbid Angel have confirmed a headline US tour.  Full date listings in our Tourdates Page.  This will be the bands first headline tour in support of their last release 'Gateways To Annihilation'.  Support slots include Deicide, Soilen Green (featuring members of Emperor), Exhumed and Zyklon.

Oct 03, 01 New Bad Religion Album.

Bad Religion have recently finished recording the material for their next album titled 'The Process Of Belief' and plan to release it February 2002.  It planned to be released earlier but the material still needs to be mixed and produced.

Oct 03, 01 New Cannibal Corpse  Offering..

'Gore Obsessed' will be the name of the new Cannibal Corpse offering which is planed for release February 2002.

Oct 03, 01 Guns 'n' Roses Cancel UK Tour

Guns 'n' Roses have once again canceled their UK tour.  There are no reports as to whether the tour is to be re-scheduled.

Oct 02, 01 Area 54 UK Dates.....
  Metallers Area 54 will storm the UK this month with a series of dates, full listing in our Tourdates Page.
Oct 02, 01 Latest On Tattoo The Planet: New Line Up Confirmed.

It is now confirmed that Pantera and Static-X have completely pulled out of TTP.  Sepultura have been added to the bill and will join Cradle Of Filth, Biohazard and Slayer on all UK and Irish dates.  Raging Speedhorn, Napalm Death, Therapy?, Defenestration and a yet unconfirmed band will be appearing at some of the dates.  Please see our Tourdates Page for full details.

Oct 02, 01 SOAD Single + UK Tour..
  System Of A Down will release 'Chop Suey' as a single on October 15th and then storm the UK with 5 confirmed dates.  For full SOAD dates please check out Tourdates Page.
Oct 02, 01 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Remixes.....

Nu-metal favourites Linkin Park are preparing to remix tracks from their highly successful debut album 'Hybrid Theory' released October last year.  The remixed tracks will be released as an album and is planned to be released around January 2002 followed by work on their next studio album.

Oct 02, 01 OPM second single.

Skate-crew OPM will release 'El Capitan' as their second single of their debut album 'Menace To Sobriety' in the follow up to the success of their first single 'Heaven Is A Half Pipe'.  The single is due for release on November 12th.  OPM have also confirmed a full UK tour, full dates are in our Tourdates Page.

Oct 02, 01 Skindred UK Tour.

Skindred have confirmed a small UK tour in support of their single 'Target / Brainkilla'.  The new album will follow early next year.  For Skindred dates please check out Tourdates Page.

Sep 29, 01 Tattoo The Planet - The Latest.

The rescheduled TTP dates have changed.  London and Birmingham dates have been swapped, and the Birmingham show will now take place at the NEC, not at the NIA.  For full new dates check our Tourdates page.  As reported earlier Pantera will not be taking part at TTP, and now Static-X have also pulled off the tour for number of different reasons.  Stay tuned fore more of the latest on TTP.

Sep 29, 01 Fear Factory bring their tour to the UK and Ireland.

Fear Factory are bringing their 'Can't Take Me Apart' tour to the UK and Ireland starting on October 31st in Belfast.  For full date listings check our Tourdates PageThey will be supported by Godflesh, Raging Speedhorn and Janus Stark.  The track 'Linchpin' from the album 'Digimortal' will be released as a single on November 12th, 2001.

Sep 29, 01 Machine Head to storm the UK.

Machine Head are to storm England with their full UK tour in support of their forthcoming album 'Supercharger'.  The tour is confirmed for December starting on the 7th in Manchester.  For full date listings check our Tourdates Page.


Sep 29, 01 Mortiis new album....

Mortiis' new album titled 'The Smell Of Rain' is set for release on October 22nd (UK and Europe) and October 30th (US).

Sep 29, 01 December, latest signing to Earache Records.
  December, a metal-core band from Reno, Nevada, are the latest signing to Earache Records.  They begin the recording of their debut album this month.
Sep 29, 01 Anders Björler quits The Haunted....

The Haunted guitarist Anders Björler has quit the band as of September 18th.  He made the following statement:


"I have been thinking about leaving THE HAUNTED for almost 6 months now. The reason for my departure is mainly because of personal reasons.

  The reasons being:
  1. I have grown tired of the whole concept of touring.  It was never a life I wanted to lead.
2. I have decided to continue my courses at the university with main focus on the studies.
  So - I wish the best for THE HAUNTED, and do not worry - A worldwide scan for a new guitarist has already begun.
  Sincerely: Anders"

The search for the new guitarist is on.  For the upcoming tour session guitarist will be Mercyful Fate's / King Diamond's Mike Wead. S-B-S wishes the best of luck for the future to both Anders and The Haunted.

Sep 29, 01 Slipknot 'Left Behind' single...

'Left Behind' will be the first single from the latest Slipknot album 'Iowa'.  The single is set for release on October 29th.  The CD will feature 'Left Behind' directors cut CD-ROM video.  In support of 'Iowa' Slipknot will terrorise the UK with a series of dates in November, starting on November 2nd in Cardiff.  For full date listings check our Tourdates Page.

Sep 19, 01 Tattoo The Planet - Dates Canceled.

Tattoo The Planet UK dates have been canceled.  Pantera have completely pulled off the tour and will not be playing.  They have released the following statement:


"There are no words worthy to express the sorrow we feel for those who lost loved ones in yesterday's terrible tragedy."

"We have made the decision to cancel our participation in the upcoming "Tattoo the Planet" tour of Europe that was scheduled to begin tomorrow, Thursday, September 13. "

"We apologize to our international friends and fans that we planned on jamming and partying with, but there is absolutely nothing in the world worth compromising their safety or ours."


The other bands on the bill, Slayer, Static-X and Cradle Of Filth faced trouble in getting to the UK due to flight unavailability due to the terrorist attacks in America.  For the rescheduled TTP dates please check our Tourdates Page.  The tickets for the original shows remain valid.  Slayer are the most likely to take the headline.  Stay tuned for more of the latest on TTP.

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