RELEASE DATE: Oct 24, 2000

LABEL: Warner Brothers

TRACK LISTING: 1. Papercut  2. One Step Closer  3. With You  4. Points Of Authority  5. Crawling  6. Runaway  7. By Myself  8. In The End  9. A Place For My Head  10. Forgotten  11. Cure For The Itch  12. Pushing Me Away - LISTEN TO SOME LINKIN PARK CLIPS IN OUR MUSIC ROOM.

REVIEW: by Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength - Big thanks to Chris Michaud at Cornerstone Digital for the advance Linkin Park CD.

First of all..... thanks to Chris Michaud of Cornerstone Digital for introducing us into this great new band and for the advance CDs.

Reading the notes on the advance CD: 'Built on aggressive Hard Rock foundation and adding elements of hip hop and electronic mix.....'  SPOT ON.... it's exactly what it says and Linkin Park have their very own unique style.......  when all mixed together makes this a brilliant debut.

If you are into the likes of Deftones, Pist.On etc........  then you wanna check this out.

'One Step Closer', 'With You', 'By Myself', 'A Place For My Head' are some of the many tracks of the album that will blow you away.......   Heavy, slow, great riffs by Brad Delson, some pretty amazing sampling by the Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn, fine drumming and most of all the powerful vocals by Chester and Mike......  it's all on this album....... and if you thought that Deftones and the likes were amazing, then this will amaze you.

There are both positive and negative messages throughout 'Hybrid Theory', and a lot of people can relate to the lyrics.

All we can say...... is that 'Hybrid Theory' is out now and we highly recommend you go get your self a copy....... forget about Napster and the likes because there is nothing like an original CD.

Check out Linkin Park clips from their debut 'Hybrid Theory' in our Music Room and see for yourself.

Reviewed by Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength.