Date: 6 Nov 2000

Interview By: Kathryn Smith of S-B-S

KS = Kathryn Smith, MP = Mille Petrozza

 With special thanks to Sinje at Noise Records for arranging the interview.

KS: What made you decide to put out another "Best of" cd?
MP: It actually wasn't my idea, it was the record company's. If it was my decision I would've put out a live CD but it was ultimately their decision.
KS: How is this different from your other compilations?

MP: It's more diverse.  Yeah, it has a lot of old stuff on it but it has some rare tracks on there as well.

KS: What was it like digging through the old material?
MP: It brought back a lot of memories but I also able to relate to the fans who compare our old style to our new style. Our older stuff is a lot heavier and thrashier where as our newer stuff is a lot more structured and defined.
KS: How did you pick certain songs to put on "Past Life Trauma"?
MP: We let our fans decide. We went online and had them decide certain songs they wanted on there.
KS: Did you think that Kreator would last for fifteen years?
MP: Not really, I didn't think we'd even put out a record when we first got together. It's had it's ups and downs but this has been a really great gift.
KS: Do you think the band's musical style has changed over the years?
MP: It definitely has progressed. Some of the new style out there has been mixed in with our style. If you want to succeed you have to move ahead, not stand still.
KS: Will you be touring soon?
MP: Yeah, we'll tour after our next album comes out.
KS: When's that?
MP: Next summer, I believe.


KS: Which album are you proudest of?
MP: There's no particular one that I'm proudest of. "Pleasure to Kill", "Extreme Aggressions", "Coma of Souls", "Endorama".
KS: So pretty much all of them.
MP: (laughs) Yeah, pretty much.
KS: What inspires you to keep going?
MP: Life in general. I just absorb it and out it into the music. I can release the negativity and express my feelings in music.
KS: Have your musical influences changed over the years?
MP: I still listen to the old metal like Venom and Bathory. I listen to some of the new stuff out there but my emphasis has always been on metal.
KS: The cover artwork is really cool, what's the meaning behind it?
MP: It's a comtinuation of the "Coma of Souls" artwork. Where the Kreator is in a deeper meditation and has his eyes shut to the world.
KS: Any words for your fans?
MP: Yeah, thanks for all your support and the next album is going to be heavier than ever!
KS: Cool, thanks for taking the time to talk. As a fan I reall appreciate it.
MP: That's great, take care!

Interviewed by Kathryn Smith of S-B-S

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