Promo CD provided by Noise Records......  Extra special thanks to Naughty at Noise.


RELEASE DATE: January 8th, 2001

LABEL: Noise Records

TRACK LISTING: 1. Never Say Die (Album Version), 2. Seek And Destroy  3.  Solar Wings  4. I've Been To Hell (Album Version)  5. Dragons Rising  6. Predators  7. Made Of Metal  8. Firing The Guns  9. Eye Of The World  10. Back Into The Light  11. After The War  12. Delivering The Goods*

INFO: * originally by Judas Priest



Produced, mixed and engineered by lead vocalist and guitarist Piet Sielck, who is a one truly talented guy.  In the past Piet has worked with the likes of Uriah Heep, Saxon, Gamma Ray and many more......... and now delivering us this new album at it's very best.

There are 12 pounding tracks on the album, one of them being 'Delivering The Goods' - another amazing Judas Priest cover...... all in all a pure heavy metal masterpiece in every sense of the genre.

Dark Assault sees a third guitarist addition to the line up, the guitarist being Joachim 'Piesel' Kustner who has actually been working with Iron Savior as a guitar technician, sound engineer and more.

All of the tracks contain very complex material being delivered from three guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and very strong and catchy vocals.

Again, the whole album is based around a science fiction theme & after reading the prologue, the album is truly magical.  Make sure you get it in January, you will love it.

Reviewed by Fedja of S-B-S.