Demo Review

Demo: 'Descension' four tracks and one track 'Predict Corrosion'

Format(s): CD

First of all, just look at today's music scene.  Everyone starts sounding like shit, we get no radio play, and to put it right things are not what they used to be about 6 years ago, which is why we need band like this to keep the scene going.

After getting in touch with GODSTONE, we added them right here on SBS to the unsigned section and shortly after Chris Shaw (drums) sent us the CD demo.  After a few good listens both to the four track demo 'Descension' and 'Predict Corrosion' we have to say that this is without a doubt the best demo we have heard in a long time.  It is the cutting edge power metal full of energy to the max.

The songs are blinding, the combination of powerful vocals, the amazing drumming (love the double bass), the tight solos and the powerfull bass makes this an amazing demo.  The quality of the demo is brilliant, everything is so clear. 

Therefore we would like to congratulate GODSTONE on the fine demo and we hope to see some live shows and more releases soon.

To any one out there, if you are into power cutting edge metal, then this is for you.  Here is how you can obtain a copy of this GODSTONE demo.

Review by Fedja of S-B-S

4 / 1 + Blank Tape To:

Chris Shaw, 21 Ellis Cres, Brampton,

Barnsley, S. Yorks, S73 OUG

(Make Cheques Payable To: Chris Shaw)