Date: 16th October 2001

Interviewed By: Fedja and Angel

S-B-S = Fedja and Angel of S-B-S, F = Forlorn (The Band)


S-B-S: Firstly, please tell us a bit about the band... band members, location, year of formation etc...

F: Year 1992 was to be the birth of a musical journey into the unknown territory of epic sagas and futuristic ideas, based on the heritage of mankind, brought to life through the art of music. The project was named Forlorn, as it was a one-man-project in its birth. This, however, would prove to become way more than a one-man-project, as the project evolved itself through time, first expanding the project into a duo-project, then a trio-project. By this time the music had taken such form that Forlorn turned the project into a fulltime band, devoting themselves solely to the concept, and the allegiance of evolving metal music for the millennium...
Through the band 122-Stab Wounds, Alvarin & C. Worhn hooked up to form the fundament of Forlorn. At this point, Forlorn was still a mere project in the developmental stages. While working on their debut EP, Forlorn signed a deal with Head Not Found to release 2 cd's. Soon thereafter, Forlorn were joined by S. Aske on vocals and the first EP was completed. The work for "The Crystal Palace", their full-length debut, began early after the recording of the EP. "The Crystal Palace" was to be their final release with Head Not Found and also with vocalist S. Aske.
In 1999, Forlorn signed a 2 cd contract with Napalm Records. The release of their Napalm Records debut resulted in the piece Opus III-Ad Caelestis Res, which took a new turn in the Forlorn saga, both musically and lyrically. Still dealing with epic stories, the music went on to become more intense, yet atmospherically. After the release of opus III, a major change happened in the Forlorn camp which would prove to be a turning point. C. Worhn announced his departure. Later; in correspondence with the changes in Forlorn, Alvarin changed his artist-name accordingly, and now goes under the artist-name: Hennex. From there on Hennex sought new members who could participate in evolving Forlorn and who was sure to be devoting, all as as all...
Hennex found such members through engaging a talented BM drummer, S. Winter, whose dedication and seriousness would be an inspirational source for the band. Next to be recruited was Dolgar, who by then had just left Gehenna due to internal conflicts. When asked to join Forlorn, he did with extreme dedication and with new ideas which will rock the very foundation of BM. Next in line Forlorn found Vulpes, a good friend of Hennex...originally a devoted and brilliant guitar player, but was asked to join Forlorn on bass. He accepted and is now a permanent and a key member of Forlorn. Last but not least, by coincidence, Forlorn managed to get a synthplayer with a keen interest in technological music...his name - Iego... By joining Forlorn, they are for the very first time in the Forlorn history a complete band, where the musicians are all involved in the creative process; thus making Forlorn a unit of musical diversities…
These days Forlorn are occupied working on their 4th release, which will differ from any previous work. Forlorn now consider themselves a live band, and loads of gigs will happen in the near future.

S-B-S: How did the the name Forlorn come about being the name of the band?

F: The name is a product og Hennex imagination and feelings. He started Forlorn since he had many ideas that didn't fit the band he was in (122 Stab Wounds) at the time, this was back in -92. The name Forlorn simply derives from the concept of what the word actually stands for, a name to suit the music being performed.

S-B-S: How long have you guys been together?

F: We have been together since the 1st. of February 2001. Both Dolgar and I have played in Forlorn before, but that was only as session member for livbe purposes. But things took a different change, it seems!! In the beginning of January this year it was only I and Hennex, then Dolgar came along, then Vulpes and last but not least Iego. It took some time to get everybody gathered, but it's been really easy since everyone seemed to fit the band immediately. Luckily we didn't have to go through the gruelling efforts of trying out misician after musician, everything has been very smooth.

S-B-S: Have you previously released anything under the same name?

F: Nothing yet, although we are nearly ready with most of the material for the upcoming cd. But since we have some major important liveshows in November we have been on  a creative low these last months. After we support Mayhem at the end of Nov. we'll be concentrating totally on the new songs for the cd.

S-B-S: We understand that your new stuff is completely different to your older style? Can you compare the two styles?

F: Emmm, how to compare...It's difficult to compare, since the new direction is quite different from the earlier "Viking" label that has been Forlorns trademark. Well, let me see...It's still METAL, it's still brutal and melodic; BUT the lyrics are more "in the present" and beyond, I might add. We have more pertruding synthpassages these days. There is more interaction between all instruments as well. All in all Forlorn is more of an extreme-metal band now than ever, it's hard to categorize our own music! Some fans might be discouraged by the fact that we've changed, and some might be more interested immediately. We'll just have to see what the fans fall for, our new stuff or our old. Afterall our fans are our main judge on this, but we have a good feeling about this and WE WILL KICK ASS!! So see us live before you judge...

S-B-S: What are your main influences and who would you compare Forlorn to?

F All of us within the band have roots in black metal and/or other kinds of metal. Spesific influences are subjective, but we do adhere to metal in one way or another!

S-B-S: Did you have a hard time maintaining a stable line-up?

F: Like I said earlier; everything was pretty easy, so I guess I'd have to say no to that one...

S-B-S: You are supporting Mayhem and Tristania in November, are you looking forward to this and will you be doing any further touring after this or do you plan to continue work for your new record?

F: Of course we are looking foreward to this! Both Tristania and Mayhem will be good publicity for us, no doubt about that! After these gigs we will work towards the next release. Then will record it and then we'll have a releasetour in Mexico, also our manager is working on a possible tour for us in Germany next year and she is also in contact with Susperia to do a split gig (or tour) in Sweden next year. So the future is definately (a)live for Forlorn. No more just being a studioband!

S-B-S: When can we expect the record to be out?

F: We hope to record early February 2002, and set a release for late spring/summer/early fall 2002. Much of this is up to Napalm Records, and we are currently negotiating with them about the details. 

S-B-S: Has the record got a title yet?

F: We sure do, but it will stay within Camp Forlorn for a good while. Working titles are only working titles, no use in confusing the fans with lots of possible titles this early in the production phase of the cd.

S-B-S: Is there an important message that goes with your music?
F: The most important message I guess is that without music man will cease to exist!! Forlorn is not political and not religious, just to have it said...
S-B-S: Whats your view on todays metal music / scene in UK?
F: The music scene is evolving and has done so tremendously the last couple of years. Some for the better some for the worse. The views on music is highly subjective, so in order to avoid stepping on to many toes I'll keep my personal opinions to myself this time (hahaha). Let's just say that the word NU metal has a bitter taste to it!! But in relevance to your question; evolving with music is nessesary, but not always easy to do. Many fans get upset when a beloved band "changes", but where is the meaning and diversity if EVERY band was doing the same thing on every release??!? Bands need to change their sound and what they deliver, it's called artistic freedom - so unless you play in a band just SHUT UP and pop another cd in your cd-player, mwahahaha...No but seriously, change is what makes the business go aroung - believe it or not... The UK scene...Hmmm...All I know is that (among others) My Dying Bride and Cradle Of Filth are both from "over there" - two really good and individually hard hitting bands in their own ways.
S-B-S: Anything else you wanna add????
F: We'd like to thank you for giving us the chance to do this interview without having to send you all of our cd's in order for you to even consider us for doing this interview! We'd like to thank our fans for being out there, we'll see you either in front, on or behind the stage soon!! Also massive acclamations to our manager, Bethany, for making the world stay within reach and lastly our webmaster for doing a great job in cyberworld!!


Interviewed By Fedja and Angel Of Strength  Beyond Strength


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Thanks to S. Winter for interview arrangements.