Demo Review & Info

Deadfall - If You Want What I Want E.P.

If you would like to hear 'deadfall' on the web, you can check out their song 'March' in the music section at:

Demo Review:

After receiving the tape we sat down and listened to this powerful demo and we found ourselves captivated by this energetic metal band.  The tracks had to be listened to again...... and again.

The strength of this hardcore type metal appears to come from a clever combination of catchy riffs accompanied by heavy bass lines and melodic yet fierce vocals.

Though each song shows similar qualities they are all very individual and recognisable and above all extremely energetic.

After hearing this demo we can guarantee we would go and see this band live and it would be an extremely good show.

Review by: Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength.

Further Details and Info:

Recorded @ STUMP Studios, Stockport by Dave Tracey.  All compositions copyright 1999, Danny Mills. Contact Danny at:

Phone (0161) 286-74986

"amazing potential", "I recommend everyone gets  one of these" - KEVIN MORRIS, THE WORST FANZINE.

"deadfall, will, in years to come, turn a mortuary into a moshpit", "energetic" - METAL HAMMER + BLACK VELVET MAGAZINE