Deadfall are a metal / hardcore 3-piece Manchester, UK based.  They have been compared to the likes of Kill 2 This, Pulkas, System Of A Down etc...  Check out our review of their 'If You Want What I Want' EP demo that the band sent us, and it is fuckin' excellent and we'd say that this band are gonna go far.  Read on to learn more about Deadfall.


Dan - Guitar / Vocals

Noz - Bass

Ted - Drums


Format: Cassette

Review: Reviewed by Fedja of Strength - Beyond - Strength

After receiving the tape we sat down and listened to this powerful demo and we found ourselves captivated by this energetic metal band.  The tracks had to be listened to again...... and again.

The strength of this hardcore type metal appears to come from a clever combination of catchy riffs accompanied by heavy bass lines and melodic yet fierce vocals.

Though each song shows similar qualities they are all very individual and recognisable and above all extremely energetic.

After hearing this demo we can guarantee we would go and see this band live and it would be an extremely good show.

Reviewed by Fedja of Strength - Beyond - Strength


[ CLICK HERE ] - To check out Scratch The Surface Zine maintained by the bassist Noz, and there is a Deadfall section done by Noz.

[ CLICK HERE ] or [ CLICK HERE ] - To e-mail the band

If you would like a free copy of the Deadfall demo, please write to the following address: (please send SAE and a black cassette)

Noz, 47 Highfield Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, SK8 6EN