RELEASE DATE: Mar 7, 2000

LABEL: Spitfire Records

TRACK LISTING: 1. I Feel the Burning Sun  2. Equilibrium  3. Glass Full of Liquid Pain  4. Command of Myself  5. Down Into the Rotting Earth  6. To Touch the Hand of God  7. Uncovering  8. Buried Once Again  9. Things You Can't Understand  10. Euphoria Minus One  11. Dream Weaver  12. Bonus Track

REVIEW: by Kathryn Smith of Strength Beyond Strength

Crowbar brings many surprises to their latest album "Equilibrium", including pulling off a decent cover of Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver" for their last track. Rewriting the chorus in their doomy fashion fits into their masterwork of cosmic depression successfully.

These guys don't offer you the same technical thrash that's out there but brings it in slow and melodic with crunching guitars and pounding percussion showing their influences of Type O Negative, My Dying Bride and  Pink Floyd all rolled into one. Even at a faster level of speed they still remain structured and defined in their sound and Kirk's sering vocals add many levels of depth.

The lyrics catches the listener's attention as well and find themselves being able to identify. Mostly talking about life's ups and downs and finding strength through hard times, "To Touch the Hand of God" (dealing with death and dying) delves into a level that's almost spiritual. This shows that the band is still hard but is able to move forward as well.

Reviewed by Kathryn Smith of Strength Beyond Strength.