RELEASE DATE: Oct 31, 2000

LABEL: Music For Nations

TRACK LISTING: 1. At The Gates Of Midian  2. Cthulhu Dawn  3. Saffron's Curse  4. Death Magick For Adepts  5. Lord Abortion  6. Amore Morte  7. Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors  8. Her Ghost In The Fog  9. Satanic Mantra  10. Tearing The Veil From Grace  11. Tortured Soul Asylum - LISTEN TO SOME CLIPS OF MIDIAN IN OUR MUSIC ROOM.

REVIEW: by Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength

After getting a copy of Midian we didn't really know what to expect.  We heard a few different views from different people........  but you don't know till you listen to it.

The first thing that caught out attention was the artwork, front, back, the booklet, everything - done by an American SF / Horror artists JK Potter........  you have to see this for your self.... it is outstanding.

Midian - produced by John Fryer, who also produced 'From The Cradle To Enslave EP' takes Cradle Of Filth back to their roots to the Principle Of..... time.  They are referred to as a black metal band, but in the recent years Cradle changed their style and went a little bit softer.......  but this can easily be referred to as black metal.  It is not commercial like everyone said it was going to be.

Although there have been quite a few changes in the Cradle line up........  it was a good thing as it can't get any better than this one.

Everything fits together perfect, the atmosphere is great, the female vocals are still there, there are both heavy and slow bits, beautiful keyboards, amazing riffs and amazing drumming, making this from our point of view the best Cradle Of Filth release to date, and we certainly look forward to seeing them live December 2000.

Our fav track of the album would have to be track 2 - 'Cthulhu Dawn'......  it's brilliant.  There is a video in production for 'Her Ghost In The Fog' so watch out for it.

Check out clips from Midian in our Music Room

Reviewed by Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength.