Date: 19 Nov 2000

Interviewed By: Fedja of S-B-S

SBS = Fedja of S-B-S, RG = Robin Graves


 With special thanks to Mark Morton of Chipster Entertainment for arranging the interview and all the other help.


S-B-S: How's everything going?

RG: Everything is good but really hectic.  We've just got back from Greece where we played live for the first time in ages.  It went really well - the following in Greece is excellent.

S-B-S: What are you looking forward to about the upcoming UK tour?

RG: This is our home turf so it's always good to play here.  The following is really amazing and there are loads of fans in the UK.

S-B-S: Do you know who the support acts are?

RG: They are the same ones we took to Greece...Userper and Christian Death.

S-B-S: We think the new album 'Midian' is excellent.  Do you prefer this new style of COF songs as opposed to the older stuff?

RG: I do really like the new style but I like the old one as well. It is always good to keep changing styles as it avoids monotony.  It's not like we change purposely, it's just that each person has their own way of working and this leads to different styles forming.  There is no set formula.

S-B-S: Has the changing line-up of COF affected the morale or spirit of the band?

RG: The old line up became really difficult.  There was a lot of rivalry for attention and interviews and different people wanted different things.  We couldn't even go to the pub together!  There was a complete lack of rapport.  The new line up is really good and there is more of a party atmosphere.

S-B-S: What is the best thing in being in such a successful band?

RG:  The fact that I get to do what I enjoy doing and never have to worry about paying the bills as I know exactly where the money is coming from.

S-B-S: And the worst thing?

RG: You must remember that it is a full time job and is very demanding.  I have to devote everything and all of my time to the band.

S-B-S: Why do you thing COF is so succesfull as there are many black metal bands around that don't ever see success?

RG: COF have been around for a long time - if you make a noise for long enough someone is bound to listen eventually.  Also the controversy that surrounds the image of the band and the fact we have actually been banned from places helps too!


Robin Graves

Cradle Of Filth


S-B-S: Did you enjoy doing From The Cradle To Enslave video?

RG: It was loads of fun, but also loads of hard work!  It may look like it was very exciting all of the time, but there were low points, like when we were sitting around and waiting.  The planning of the video took a few weeks and the actual performing took about two days.

S-B-S: What is your favorite song to play live?

RG: "Queen  Of Winter, Throned".  It consists of 3 parts and I really get lost in it, going with the flow of the song and loving the vibe of the crowd.

S-B-S: What should we expect from COF in the future.  There is a video in production for 'Her Ghost In The Fog' right?

RG: Yeah, "Her  Ghost In The Fog" is being made, and also we are touring!!!


Interviewed By Fedja of Strength Beyond Strength.