TRACK LISTING: 1. Hope And Empathy  2. Motivation For The Cruel  3. ... To Kill A Man... (Transcendence Of The Self)  4. The Virginal Sacrifice Upon The Trapezium Alter Of Zargoth  5. Forming  6. Manipulation

REVIEW: by Fedja of S-B-S

If you enjoy coming home + sticking on a CD of pure aggression and power, this is the band for you.   There are 6 tracks on the demo........ and what surprised us is this is not just any kind of demo burned to CD......  This is a proper CD with, with a printed face, nice artwork and even lyrics in the little booklet....  so it's almost like a proper release that you get in the shops...

The 6 tracks, each using the same formula, consist of loud bass lines, catchy drum beats and same very good guitar riffs accompanied by powerful, growly vocals that suit the music very well..

The lyrics of the songs are poetic, artistic & hold valid messages regarding the fucked up way of life that is all around us.  The artwork is based on new life showing fetuses being born, pollen grains & blood cells presumably to be born into the fucked up world.

To compare them to a different band, we'd say similar to Pissing Razors, and yet they have their own individual style..

This is what makes Bug stand out & why SBS would recommend this to everyone.  

Check out more on Bug in our Check'em Out section or the official Bug website.  The CD is available now....  Check out the official Bug website for info on how to get it...

Reviewed by Fedja of S-B-S.